open door


Every time around this part of the year my dogs start to get antsy.  Why you ask?  Most of the year here in California it is warm enough in the day to leave our back door open for them to go in and out on their whim.  This is possible as I am home for large chunks of time in any given day.

Now we are in Fall, we are actually getting rain so the door remains closed until a dog asks to go out.  This is hard for my two dogs to comprehend at first. I am getting up more often as they stand at the back door asking to go out. They are stand waiting for me to get to them at the door.  But it is damp and cool so the door opens only to allow them out and I wait for Cody or Pepper to decide that they are heading out.  A good part of the time they are just looking out the door (we have a french door) hoping the door will stay open.

hanging with Cody in our yard

Every year we go through this.  Every year it’s a new learning experience for them that the door will not stay open.  Every year one of us are up and down attending to the dogs thinking they are needing to go outside.

Every year we tell them in or out as the door will not stay open.  I am hoping for an early Spring!

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