The nothing post

I’m not used to posting every day.  In my life I’ve never kept up a journal or diary.  Usually my posts come to me by an event during my day or life.  So today I share that I just have nothing to share.


It reminds me of the episodes of Seinfeld when they are writing a show about nothing.

Hope you are all enjoying your day, please click #NaBloPoMo to read the many bloggers who are participating, Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “The nothing post

  1. I had a blah day not too long ago. My remedy for the lack of words was posting silly meme’s. Eh, whatever works! This whole ‘blog a day’ thing is more challenging than I had

    • Mommysquared says:

      hey that’s a great idea, the meme’s, will have to remember if I get a nothing day again 🙂 Agreed writing everyday is hard!

  2. K. Renae P. says:

    I was going full steam, but I’m fizzling out. My goal was to post 20-30 post, and I’ve done that. I now hope I can make all 30 days.

    You’ve inspired me to write a post about nothing. Too bad I literally got nothing.

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