This is 52

me 11-20-15

Today I turned 52, Happy Birthday to me!

It was a great day spent with my husband and daughters.  They treated me to a breakfast made at home fit for a queen as well as gifts.  Today we enjoyed just us, just the 4 of us as we trekked into San Francisco. Spending the foggy day walking through Crissy Field to the Gold Gate, stopping and enjoying the sights and sounds together.  Ending our city trip with lunch at a favorite neighborhood place from when just the two of us lived in the city before we were married.

I am in my mid-life they say.  I take pills daily to get me through the symptoms of menopause including estrogen and progesterone along with herbs. Insomnia comes to visit more regularly than I’d like and my knees and ankles creak and crack on occasion. I choose to color my hair since I started turning grey in my early 20s.  I am told I do not look my age and am pleased on the occasion I am asked for my ID as proof of my age when buying liquor or wine. I am finally comfortable with my figure.  It is not the one I had at 30 but it is the one I have now.  I am now gluten-free which has helped relieve migraines and IBS with D symptoms.  I have started a walking regime that is giving me stamina to keep up with my daughters who are 9 and 7 years old.

This year I started back to work very part-time at our daughters’ school as a noon supervisor.  I plan to get a more full-time job at a local school to us in their office as an admin or clerical.

I am blessed with a circle of friends and family that bring the laughter and joy to my life each and every day as well as supporting each other through trying times.

My life is blessed and I look forward to what this next year has in store for me!

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A surprise on my doorstep

Yesterday was my birthday and you knew that right? It’s not like I’ve been keeping it a secret LOL! The day was spent in my favorite way with my family doing family stuff and sneaking in some house stuff.  Curtains hung as we continue to settle into our home after more than a year.

As we were finishing up dinner, we heard a rustle on our front porch and saw a person through headlights.  What or who could that be?  My husband went to the front door and found a bag filled with flowers, a card and a gift.  When reading the card I saw it was from S (J’s birth mom). I quickly picked up my phone and called her to come back.  What a thoughtful gesture, but not ring the bell after driving up from Fremont to our home?  That will never do!  She answered her phone right away and within minutes was back at our house with her son. Our girls were jumping up and down when I shared who the mystery gift giver was and that she would be coming back to share birthday cake with us!

stef jess and me 11-23-14

And this was how we ended our Sunday, spent with the addition of more family!


The three kiddos playing and laughing and the three adults watching and laughing along!

This is what our family is about, being family.  S driving up to our home to drop off a gift was more than nice and coming back and spending the evening of my birthday with us was the icing on the cake for my day!

I am on many online forums for adoption and I get sad when I read that parents are too scared to allow their children a relationship with their birth family.  They seem to find so many reasons for not keeping a relationship (if there is a safety issue that is something else).

I know we are the lucky ones that as we embraced each of our girls’ birth families, they embraced us.  As the years have gone by we have become a stronger family unit with our girls developing their own autonomous relationships with their family.

I love this is the way our Sunday ended!

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It’s my birthday today and I turn 51!

51 (number)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
51 (fifty-one) is the natural number 51 following 50 and preceding 52.
Not sure how 51 is supposed to feel, I wasn’t sure what 50 would be like.
As is tradition in our family, I woke up to the kitchen decorated with balloons and the breakfast table set with cards and gifts!


We were all excited to take a family selfie this morning which includes a photo bomb from our Pepper
Traditions as they are in our family, birthdays are a BIG deal!  My girls have been helping me to countdown to this day as we do for their birthdays!
I am looking forward to a great day spent with my family and the birthday wishes I am already receiving from everyone!
Happy Birthday to me 🙂
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For the thrill of celebrating

In case you thought I only count down birthdays for my girls … I say “where do you think they learned it from?” ♥  They catch my excitement for me as much as we have for their own birthday countdown!


Why yes I will be turning 51 in this many days.  Why yes I still countdown to my birthday and look forward to celebrating.  Why should my age stop me?

This year’s birthday is not a significant milestone like last year’s half century mark.  This year’s birthday will be more celebratory as last year we were nursing a sick dog who was just diagnosed with canine cancer and had surgery to remove her spleen and other tumors that were found to be there.

Like every year for as long as I can remember I will enjoy the attention my birthday brings to me! This year my birthday falls on a Sunday of the week both of our girls have off from school for the Thanksgiving break.  So we must come up with a plan.  Having a weekend birthday also means lots more days to celebrate!  Dinner out? Drinks with friends? A trip to Napa/Sonoma?  A day in San Francisco?  So much to plan and think about!


How do you celebrate your birthday?

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