Mommies don’t get sick


Well I’m here to whine to you today that they do and I do … that picture pretty much sums up the way I’ve been feeling over the last few days.  Yep I was the next in our house to get the head cold….aaaah aaaah choo!

But you see I don’t really get sick days at least not when it’s just a cold.  Not the lay in bed all day in my pjs kinda day; girls still have to get to and from school (thankfully my husband can lend a hand with drop off at school) and they have to get to and from ballet.  I was able to call out to both teachers that I didn’t think it best that I bring my fresh germs in to the classroom (even though I’m sure that’s where I got the germs in the first place LOL!).

I’ve asked my girls to be at their best behavior so my aching head doesn’t have to scold or referee their fighting.  Did they listen, well not exactly. Thankfully I have some quiet time while they are in school and time to focus on some of the projects I am working on.  Then in the evening its homework, snack and some play time for them alone or with each other BUT it must be quiet so I can continue to rest.  Then I have to make dinner and the cycle continues till I’m well.

It’s not that often that I get sick, usually this time of the year is when I seem the most susceptible to colds and flu but my tolerance builds and throughout the rest of the year I am my usual Mom Super Self!


As you see I don’t really get a sick day so here I sniffle and sneeze and whine about my day … thanks for listening!

I’ve made it to day 18 of National Blog Posting Month, please click #NaBloPoMo to read the many other bloggers participating in this event, Enjoy!


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