My most favorite time of the year

au·tumn ˈôdəm/noun

the third season of the year, when crops and fruits are gathered and leaves fall, in the northern hemisphere from September to November and in the southern hemisphere from March to May.

“the countryside is ablaze with color in autumn”

fall out front 2014

This is what we see right now as we exit our home and it doesn’t even show all the color of the trees that surround us!  When we moved a little over a year ago we moved from a newer development with few trees and fewer trees that changed color in autumn.  Now we are in a neighborhood in a town that is known as the city of trees and our neighborhood is bursting with the colors of fall!

In our brief ride to school today both of my girls were excitedly calling out all the colors they could see that surround us.  They each shared how much they like to see these color changes.  What’s more they are excited to rake and jump into piles of leaves!  Something they experienced for the first time last year!

girls raking 11-9-13

This conversation with my girls and my own thoughts of the season were so connected!  This is my favorite time of year, I have memories of Fall growing up on the East Coast.  My commute from Long Island to New York City on the train elevated at times cruising over tree tops in beautiful colors of red, orange yellow and more this time of year.

The air gets crisp and has a certain smell that I recognize as fall.  We get to wear coats and sweaters, and closed toe shoes like boots!  I cook differently in the fall, the house is not already hot from the summer heat so I can roast, bake and more.  This then adds to the sense of smell for this time of year with pumpkin bread, chicken roasting, and cookies and treats!

Let’s be honest this is also my favorite time of year as my birthday is in the fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  All family driven holidays which make them all that much more for me and my family!  I love having family and friends together to eat and spend time together at the holidays (but that’s another post for another day). As I mentioned in my coffee date? post , I enjoy the flavors of the season in my coffee!

The conversation today with my girls was the best way to start our friday, and am looking forward to our weekend ahead with raking and jumping into piles of leaves!

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Coffee date?


coffee date? A large coffee company with many shops is offering for a limited time “buy any holiday drink & get one free for a friend.”  (this is not an ad) Things that make you go hmmmmm?!

I am a one cup of coffee a day morning drinker, until I see the large coffee company shops and there happens to be one of these coffee shops right across the street from our girls’ ballet school.  When our girls started to dance there it became a regular treat before class and sometime after.  It became so regular that when their Dad helped out to take them to class they told him it was a must have for them!  And the clincher that made him think we go too often was that my younger daughter can even order my coffee for me LOL!

Now I’ve tried to cut back as the costs add up quickly.  Yes once or twice I treated myself to the wonderful fall pumpkin spice and am looking forward to the treat of an eggnog latte!  I’ve stopped the regular pop in and now it truly only is a special treat.

To keep my fix of pumpkin spice going I found a k-cup coffee with pumpkin spice that I can have each and every morning.  Because I cannot start my day without a cup of coffee.  I hope to find something similar with another holiday type of flavor.

Now that I’ve seen the advertisement though and there is a special, do I sneak over while my girls are at dance with one of my Mom friends? or do I take them in with me? Something to ponder to get a special coffee and a treat!

Bottoms up, it’s coffee time not that I can’t stop myself LOL!