30 this is the end #NaBloPoMo 2015

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I’m pleased that for a 2nd year in a row I completed #NaBloPoMo.  It is harder than it seems when you are needing to come up with a topic and post everyday. I look forward to next year.

Thanks for listening this month!

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capturing a moment in time

briones photo shoot 11-29-15

This morning my girls and I had to rush out for a photography session.  It’s been many years, 4 to be exact, since our last candid outdoor photo session.

They complained as they got dressed about how early it was on a Sunday (not really since they on their own got up at 6:30 am), but dress they did and they looked beautiful.

The setting a local Regional park with trees and meadows and hills.  The sun just right and the photographer a great mix of business and fun!

I can’t wait to see the final pics of my girls as they were awesome in their listening and moments that I know were captured!

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believe 2

This may be the last year our 9-year-old actually believes in Santa and our Elf on a Shelf.  Why do I make this statement you ask?

She recently shared with me that at school she learned the tooth fairy is really the parents and not a fairy.  I pulled her aside so her younger sister wouldn’t overhear our conversation.  I asked her what did she believe? She said the boys in her class shared the “truth” and again I asked her what she believed.  She shared she wished they’d never told her.  To help her out I told her it’s the magic of the tooth fairy that you can still believe in and for now not to share what she learned at school with her younger sister.

My husband and I talked about this later that evening and are realizing it’s just a matter of time before she learns or figures out the “truth” about Santa and our Elf on a Shelf.  I hope like her reaction to learning of the tooth fairy that she will still hold on to the magic of believing.

So with that last night Earl our Elf on the Shelf returned.  Both girls excitedly were up early to see where he was in our home.  For the next 28 days Earl will continue to show up around our house getting into all kinds of fun and keeping them excited about finding his latest whereabouts.

We will go to the mall and visit Santa and get our pictures with him.  Our girls are set to write their letters to Santa as well.  We can then go to the mailbox the downtown Macy’s has that delivers directly to the North Pole.

As we wait to see when the belief stops and changes to the magic of believe, we embark on the 2015 holiday season.  As has become our family custom, the girls and my husband are currently assembling our pre-lit tree and decorating.

If your child stopped believing how did you handle the conversation?

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Thanksgiving for us a house full of all the smells of wonderful foods!

This day is the kick off to the times we spend with family and friends.  These days we cherish as we make each holiday a warm memory.

This year was our first gluten-free holiday meal.  I prepared stuffing, pecan pie, apple streusel pie and cranberry sauce.  Of course the main meal was the traditional Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and bread, a turkey shaped bread to boot!

thanksgiving table 2015

We spent the day with friends with kids in our home.  We watched our children play and laugh as we did too.  We ate and drank and ate some more!

Our heart’s are full with gratitude for what we have and our circle of friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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