Making some changes for me

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Now that I am in my 50s, yes I did say 50s! I am looking at ways to take care of myself.  I’ve begun to notice new sensitivities to certain foods or drinks that did not seem to bother me when I was younger.  Are these part of my body changes in this peri-menopausal state is it just plain old growing old?

I tried to ignore these ever-present symptoms that were bothering me, ignoring that I may have to make changes for me.  I had been suffering from headaches for days on end and instances of IBS.  I had ideas of what the trigger foods may be but I didn’t really think it could be or didn’t want to make the change.

Then one day I woke up and thought I need to feel better and not be burdened with a daily headache, I needed to start taking better care of myself.  I had an idea that the daily triggers for these headaches and bout of IBS were gluten filled foods like pizza, pasta, breads, etc.  So I made a change in my diet eliminating these foods and those that have gluten in them.  It didn’t take long for my body to start feeling better.  After the first week of eating gluten free my headaches were gone.  I had some withdrawal symptoms as one would when changing your diet but by week 3 I was a new me!

Not only does my head not ache daily, but I’ve dropped some pounds!  I am eating cleaner, healthier and am aware when I fall off the wagon.  It’s been a bit trickier as my whole family is not eating gluten free.  The difference when making meals is I am not eating the pizza, pasta or breads with our dinners.  I have found a new way to shop too.  I have found some staples that come gluten-free and have bought treats to allow me a sweet something now and then.  I have begun to introduce cooking with the new flours almond and coconut to my family and they have not noticed any difference.

This is the best time of year to really begin the change in eating as there are so many more fruits and vegetables available in the Spring that we all like! Strawberries, blueberries, asparagus, sweet peas, and more!

I’ve noticed many changes in me, I am sleeping better, I am feeling better and I like it.  The next level of changes to add is walking and other outdoor activities to get me moving!  These changes have a positive affect on me and then they are positive affects to my family.  I like these changes I’ve made and I am finding it easier to do then I first thought it could be.

Getting older is allowing these changes to happen and working with them not against them.

Have you had to make any changes in your life?


3 thoughts on “Making some changes for me

  1. Silver Threading says:

    I too, am in my “fifties,” and dropped over 50 pounds a couple years ago. I fight to keep it off and try to eat semi-Paleo. I so agree with you taking care of yourself. Try to walk and find time for you. It is so necessary. Good luck. Stay in touch. ❤

  2. I’ve gone back to the gym to work on improving my cardiovascular strength. But what I really need to do is sit-ups and squats and curls and flies…. gotta’ give these aging, atrophying muscles some attention. But first things first.

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