for the love of furry babies

I grew up with a dog as a member of our family.  In fact there were three before I was out of the house.  My first dog as an adult was the cutest miniature schnauzer I added to my family from an acquaintance.  My husband and I added our first family dog after we bought our first house 15 years ago.

This December will be 1 year since we lost our first dog to old age.  Cody was a majestic Lab-Weimaraner mix.  He was almost 14 when his age got the better of him.  He is the first dog our girls knew as babies and he loved the girls as much as we did.  We added him to our family the summer of 2001 in August.  I can remember him watching us from our back porch as my husband and I labored with sod after 9/11 doing our best to keep our minds off of the current events in our life.  He even traveled with us on our road trip to parenthood.  We drove to Minnesota for our older daughter’s birth and he came along for the ride. We thought why not? He would get to know the baby from the beginning and we would not have to board him for 3 weeks so along he came in the car for the drive that would change all of our lives.


As our girls grew older we added a 2nd dog to our family, the infamous Princess Molly Bear, a Weimaraner I came across accidentally needing a home and why not add another Princess to our family?  Molly was 5 when she joined our family and Cody and our girls fell in love with her right away!


Molly was a great addition to our family.  She lived a happy life with us before dog cancer took her away from us too soon in January of 2013.

Our life is not complete without at least one dog in our family and since having two for a few years was something we ALL enjoyed we again have two furry babies that grace our home with their witty, loving personalities.  We now have a German Shorthaired Pointer, Baron Von Friedmann Bear and a Weimaraner Princess Pepper Lou Lou ages 3 and 2 respectively.

pepper and freidmann soon

The unconditional love our furry babies give us is what makes having them so great!  These two are characters and we ALL love them.

Do you have pets?

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open door


Every time around this part of the year my dogs start to get antsy.  Why you ask?  Most of the year here in California it is warm enough in the day to leave our back door open for them to go in and out on their whim.  This is possible as I am home for large chunks of time in any given day.

Now we are in Fall, we are actually getting rain so the door remains closed until a dog asks to go out.  This is hard for my two dogs to comprehend at first. I am getting up more often as they stand at the back door asking to go out. They are stand waiting for me to get to them at the door.  But it is damp and cool so the door opens only to allow them out and I wait for Cody or Pepper to decide that they are heading out.  A good part of the time they are just looking out the door (we have a french door) hoping the door will stay open.

hanging with Cody in our yard

Every year we go through this.  Every year it’s a new learning experience for them that the door will not stay open.  Every year one of us are up and down attending to the dogs thinking they are needing to go outside.

Every year we tell them in or out as the door will not stay open.  I am hoping for an early Spring!

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