it’s only a number, right?


I’ve never really felt my age, I mean how is 50 supposed to feel?  or 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, etc.? and in a couple of months I will already be turning 51!

I have family genes in my favor and there will never be a day that you will see the gray in my hair thanks to some cosmetic products!  I can even say that occasionally still I am carded when buying wine or other alcoholic beverages.  Feels good I have to say!

But then there was yesterday. I was reminded that I am old or at least outside the age requirements.  My girls and I headed to the flu shot clinic for our annual preventative care. What I learned is that eligibility for the flu mist is ages 2-49, I’m now in the too old category! so a flu shot it was and now my arm aches.  I never realized I’d be outside that check off box.

It has bothered me ever since and now I think about how old I am which is something I’ve never really given much thought to. I need to reprogram my thoughts to remember it’s only a number, right?


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