The one where I get a sports car

Funny story that is, the one where I get a sports car, that hasn’t happened yet!  I, in fact, am celebrating the one year anniversary of our new Sienna Minivan. Yep last November our family became the proud owners of “BatVan”. (The name you ask, well I name my cars, I have had Joan Jetta and Santa Fe Rey!)

new minivan 11-22-13

It wasn’t the first car of our choice, but after an accident where we were rear ended and hit another car that totaled our SUV, this was the best choice for our family. Is this the car I pictured driving in my 50s? Well no,  I’d rather have a VW Beetle convertible which is the farthest thing from being practical for our family of 4 plus 2 dogs.  I will say (and this is not an ad) that the van drives really well having tested it on the curvy drive of Grizzly Peak this summer. Yes that was me taking the van through the turns like a sports car!  Don’t slow down for this Mom driving this mini van LOL!

I can now take friends and friends of friends around.  I can volunteer to drive for a school field trip.  When family visits they no longer have to crawl over a jump seat to get to the third row like in my former SUV.  This is the car we can grow up with now, this 8-passenger van.

After the accident, both girls were super excited about the prospect of getting a minivan.  They love the electronic doors that slide open at a touch, that they can walk within the van and they thought it would have a DVD player.  We got all that but not the DVD player as we have removable ones for long trips that hang on the headrests.

In picking out our new van I had to have black, had to have a sun roof and all the electronic doors including the rear gate and fog lights!  It was my concession to have a minivan to get the things that a) made me feel it was sportier looking and b) gave me ease when loading people and things in.

So here we are one year later and I’ve adjusted.  In fact, we totally fit into suburbia now seeing ALL the minivans at school either in the parking lot or those we line up with for drop off in the morning and pickup in the afternoon!


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2 thoughts on “The one where I get a sports car

    • Mommysquared says:

      It was a hard one to decide on and since we hadn’t been looking even harder to just do it, but we did and so it is 🙂

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