It’s my birthday today and I turn 51!

51 (number)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
51 (fifty-one) is the natural number 51 following 50 and preceding 52.
Not sure how 51 is supposed to feel, I wasn’t sure what 50 would be like.
As is tradition in our family, I woke up to the kitchen decorated with balloons and the breakfast table set with cards and gifts!


We were all excited to take a family selfie this morning which includes a photo bomb from our Pepper
Traditions as they are in our family, birthdays are a BIG deal!  My girls have been helping me to countdown to this day as we do for their birthdays!
I am looking forward to a great day spent with my family and the birthday wishes I am already receiving from everyone!
Happy Birthday to me 🙂
Day 23 for me for National Blog Posting Month, click #NaBloPoMo to enjoy reading the many other bloggers participating!

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