Five Random Things about Me


I was recently tagged by my friend Phyllis of The Napkin Hoarder to lay out 5 random things, about me, on the interwebs. Here we go:

1.  The next holiday on the calendar is one I’m not a fan of ~ Halloween.  If you saw my house now you’d never believe it, it’s what parenting children will do to you.  My house is decorated with pumpkins, webs, spiders and witches and ghosts!  I am not a scrooge just never got into the holiday that much and much less as an adult.  Same goes for Valentine’s Day but again when you see my house all decorated up you’d never believe it and my kids are not any wiser.

halloween 2014

2.  I’ve become a whiskey drinker, yep that’s right all the talk about a glass of wine at the end of the day or the clink of the ice for my margarita on the rocks shared on Facebook does not tell the whole story.  I’ve had many phases of drink I imbibe in.  My latest and greatest is a new love for Whiskey.  I had my first smashed whiskey with muddled strawberries 2 summers ago and never looked back!

3.  I fit the stereotype of the male partner in a relationship when it comes to being sick and hogging the television.  Yep that’s right, I crawl right into bed or huddle under blankets when a cold shows up and I’m the first and usually the only person in the evening when our girls are tucked into bed to work and hog our television remote.  A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.  Television at night is where I decompress and being sick well I just need to cave when I am sick.

4.  I wish I was crafty.  I am a phenomenal pinner of Pinterest but I’m not really crafty enough to follow through and if I do well it does not usually turn out like the picture!

5.  I am a homebody.  Yes I am social, yes I like to go out and have fun, yes I like to travel, but YES I like to be home in my house especially in the Fall and Winter when it gets dark early and be cuddled in my home with my family.

Let’s continue this game of tag!  Up next Lori of Lavender Luz, Melanie of Three Fish In A Tree, Amber of Bumber’s Bumblings, Kim of These Are the Days and Maggie of Pink Shoes


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