Mother’s Day 2016


These girls call me Mom and I love them 💕 and it’s not lost on me that there are two other women who I love and respect for without them I would not be mom and I proudly share this day and the love of our daughters with them!

This year I approached this holiday with mixed feelings.  I have been estranged from my own mother for more than a year now.  It was/is the right decision to not have her as a part of our lives even with her living 3000 miles away.  But there is still a hole of sorts when you see the posts on Facebook thanking mothers for their help in molding who you are as a mom, etc.  It’s not that I had a bad childhood I did have a very happy one, it was my teenage years and subsequently into my adulthood that we could not maintain a positive relationship and in these last years I just couldn’t handle the narcissism, judgment etc. and made the decision to save myself and my family from my stress.

So my day was happy but tinged with sadness for all that Mother’s Day means to me.

How was your Mother’s Day?


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