where to begin …

So now that the decision has been made, well at least talked about out loud but how do we begin?  Where does one go when they are considering adoption? the internet and the library of course!

So taking a leap of faith we begin really considering our decision to journey to parenthood through adoption … what does that look like?  Will we consider adopting through a domestic adoption? international adoption or foster adoption?  Do we know anyone who has adopted? hmmm…

Books that’s how we start with books!  I look back now and think of one of the first books we bought “Adoption for Dummies” I hear some of you wincing and chuckling but I tell you it was a great place to start.  In reading this book it became clear to us that maybe just maybe a domestic adoption would be our way to have a family, we wanted to have the experience of parenting from infancy.  But were we sure? not yet exactly.

What next?  Well the internet of course!  Google adoption ~ WOW!  Well that gave me too much to look through.  How do I narrow this down?  Okay google pre-adoption support, that’s better a little more contained.  Here we are a local number and organization that offers pre-adoption support ~ Resolve.  Yes we saw information for this organization at some of the fertility clinics.  They offer information on adoption too?  First up an information night, two hours of our time to hear what adoption is and what it might mean for us.  Okay we are signed up.

We have our book to read as we wait for the approaching date for the information night we are to attend where we will hear in more detail what having a family through adoption looks like.  Will it be a domestic adoption? international adoption? or foster adoption?


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