Coffee date?


coffee date? A large coffee company with many shops is offering for a limited time “buy any holiday drink & get one free for a friend.”  (this is not an ad) Things that make you go hmmmmm?!

I am a one cup of coffee a day morning drinker, until I see the large coffee company shops and there happens to be one of these coffee shops right across the street from our girls’ ballet school.  When our girls started to dance there it became a regular treat before class and sometime after.  It became so regular that when their Dad helped out to take them to class they told him it was a must have for them!  And the clincher that made him think we go too often was that my younger daughter can even order my coffee for me LOL!

Now I’ve tried to cut back as the costs add up quickly.  Yes once or twice I treated myself to the wonderful fall pumpkin spice and am looking forward to the treat of an eggnog latte!  I’ve stopped the regular pop in and now it truly only is a special treat.

To keep my fix of pumpkin spice going I found a k-cup coffee with pumpkin spice that I can have each and every morning.  Because I cannot start my day without a cup of coffee.  I hope to find something similar with another holiday type of flavor.

Now that I’ve seen the advertisement though and there is a special, do I sneak over while my girls are at dance with one of my Mom friends? or do I take them in with me? Something to ponder to get a special coffee and a treat!

Bottoms up, it’s coffee time not that I can’t stop myself LOL!



4 thoughts on “Coffee date?

  1. My daughter and I took advantage of the special yesterday – we each had a skinny peppermint mocha. I love coffee. My husband grinds it and gets the pot ready before he goes to bed. The smell of coffee on his hands makes me eager for morning. I am just about to order my annual stash of Santa’s White Christmas to have on hand for the holidays. Decaf and caf, for morning and evening. It is special. And wonderful.

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