Second choice, not second best

People ask why did we adopt?  Well it wasn’t our first choice to have a family through adoption, it came after the trials and tribulations of trying to conceive.  It’s not like adoption wasn’t something we hadn’t mentioned at least once.  You see our journey to parenthood was not exactly as we had planned.

Our path changed course after years of trying to get pregnant, first on our own and then with the assistance of medical science and local area fertility clinics.  After spending more money than I want to think about and feeling more like a pin cushion, for me it became about becomming a Mommy and not needing to become pregnant to do that.

So our second choice ~ adoption ~ became the path that we would journey to parenthood. We do not see this as second best, it is the best choice we made to find ourselves as Mommy & Daddy.

We suffered through infertility and not belonging among other friends and family having children around us.  When we walked onto this different path we found ourselves amongst others just like us, here because we wanted to become parents and realizing it’s not the second choice but the choice to make to become parents through other means.

I will use this blog as a means to share our journey, how we educated ourselves and sought out the support and community we needed and continue to be part of through our journey to parenthood through adoption.  I will also share what parenting children that are adopted is like what makes it different and what does not from our personal experiences.

We are today, the proud parents of two daughters entrusted to us each at birth.  We have expanded our family not just with our daughters but with their families as well.  We have become one big family seamlessly and we realize how blessed we are!

I hope you will join me as we share our ups and downs to family building whether you are already a parent through adoption, someone considering adoption as a way to family, a birth parent or an adoptee or someone just curious what is a REAL family.

Welcome …


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