We live in Pleasantville

Does this blog post title give you a vision in your head?  It does me, I see 1950s style neighborhoods in suburbia in black and white.  Neat rows of houses and kids playing outside together.

There are days as I sit inside our house I hear the kids in our neighborhood outside and playing together.  It’s such a great sound and one I enjoy knowing my girls are out there too!

I think of our neighborhood as Pleasantville like a throwback to the 50s and 60s when you did play outside in your neighborhood with your neighborhood friends!

When we first moved to our home we had no idea what our neighborhood was like other than we knew the schools would be good and we liked the look of the older ranch style homes and all the trees!

Within the first day of living in our home we found that we were one of many families with kids our kids ages.   A mix of girls and boys (mostly girls) who were around the same ages and most of them were going to the school our girls would be enrolled in.

Today I sat here,  and I listened to our girls surrounded by friends jumping, yelling and laughing in the piles of leaves they all helped rake together. First the two sisters from across the way came by to have fun and then after hearing all the fun and laughter another two sisters from a few houses down came over.  Yep that’s right it was not a planned play date, it just happened!

girl fun in the leaves 11-15-14

This is like a throwback to the neighborhood I grew up in the 60s where you always played in the neighborhood with your friends and always outside as the weather permitted.  When all is said and done all the organized after school activities are just that, the spontaneity of playing with friends where you live that is childhood!  I am so happy we moved to a place where our girls will get to have this fun neighborhood experience!

And that is how we are spending our Saturday afternoon!

This is day 15 for National Blog Posting Month, to read many of the other bloggers click #NaBloPoMo and Enjoy!


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