Absent for good reason

I myself can’t believe that it’s been so long since I’ve written anything.  How is it May 1st already?  I’ve been absent from this blog and I didn’t intend to be neglectful, life just got in the way. So here it is May 1, 2016.  Our girls are on countdown mode for the end of the school year and today they announced 29 days, WOW, really?? So yes life is happening.

We are feeling some growing pains in our family with our girls turning 10 and 8 years old this summer.  Yes I did say 10 and 8 – where did the time go?  They are very strong, smart and independent and I am trying to become a better parent as we go.  I don’t want to argue fight or spat with either of them, something that does happen from time to time.  I prefer harmony among all of us and not discord but my pre-adolescent daughters and I do find ourselves at odds on occasion.  We are ALL a work in progress.  Any suggestions of what has worked for you would be greatly appreciated.

My year of #renew #itsaboutme is still in full swing.  In February I started the 30-day Arbonne Healthy Cleanse.  I lost 14 pounds during that time with changing my eating (my family some too) and adding a regular walking regime to my routine.  I have gone on to lose another 6 pounds and am going to begin the Healthy Cleanse again tomorrow. I found that I am in the right state of mind this year to be about #renew #itsaboutme! I want to look and feel better for me.  I am finding it’s not a quick fix, it’s truly a lifestyle change. I have found that Arbonne works for me and the lifestyle it represents suits me.  Because of that I am becoming an Arbonne Independent Consultant.  I feel strongly about how the products have helped me with my goals and now I can help family and friends reach their healthy lifestyle goals.  I will keep you posted how this endeavor and my continued personal goals mesh.


I am hoping to get back to regular updates and writing here.  I hope you are all well.  There is more to share but for today this is my start back.

Tell me how you have been.