Let the countdown begin…


because you are never too old to celebrate or get excited for your birthday! Let the countdown begin!! November 3 means only 20 more days until my birthday!  I plan to really celebrate this year, cause why not??!!

I will be turning 52 this year and that seems like a really old number. What exactly should being 52 years old mean?  I am on the verge of menopause, my hair has grey (which you’ll never see thanks to beauty products), I have in the last 6 months gone gluten-free (which has made a measurable difference in my life from being migraine free and other side effects eating gluten have given me), I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last 10 years and have just returned to work part-time as a noon supervisor at my girls’ school.

While some of my high school friends are already grandparents, I am a mom of two daughters who are 9 and 7 years old. I am a late starter, I married at 36 and our girls were entrusted to us in my 40s.  Born in 1963 I am the end of the baby boomers.

But what should 52 feel like?  I look back at archived pictures of people in their 50s and see that is not how I look or how we live.  Is the difference that we have young children? I know there is more I should and can do to stay young and healthy and that is what I have been working on this past year.

This year my birthday falls on our girls’ school break for Thanksgiving, so I imagine sleeping in, play dates with friends and their kids, drinks with friends and more!

How do you feel about your next birthday? what will you do to celebrate?

Day 3 of ##NaBloPoMo #BlogHer


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