For the thrill of celebrating

In case you thought I only count down birthdays for my girls … I say “where do you think they learned it from?” ♥  They catch my excitement for me as much as we have for their own birthday countdown!


Why yes I will be turning 51 in this many days.  Why yes I still countdown to my birthday and look forward to celebrating.  Why should my age stop me?

This year’s birthday is not a significant milestone like last year’s half century mark.  This year’s birthday will be more celebratory as last year we were nursing a sick dog who was just diagnosed with canine cancer and had surgery to remove her spleen and other tumors that were found to be there.

Like every year for as long as I can remember I will enjoy the attention my birthday brings to me! This year my birthday falls on a Sunday of the week both of our girls have off from school for the Thanksgiving break.  So we must come up with a plan.  Having a weekend birthday also means lots more days to celebrate!  Dinner out? Drinks with friends? A trip to Napa/Sonoma?  A day in San Francisco?  So much to plan and think about!


How do you celebrate your birthday?

This is my post for day 9 of National Blog Posting Month.  Please read the many other bloggers participating in NaBloPoMo and Enjoy!


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