Community is what you make it

It’s been a little over a year since we moved into our new home.  The leap of faith we took to change homes, neighborhoods and schools has been a good thing for us.


That was most evident for me when I had an injury accident that kept me off my feet for 3 weeks back in March.  We were not in our house more than 8 months and our neighbors/friends jumped in to help.  Help that was much appreciated and much-needed.  How did they help? They helped get our kids from school, they helped if I needed an errand when my husband was at work.  They checked in on me home alone laid up trying to heal.  It was their automatic offer of help that made me feel so good.  I didn’t have to ask they offered and that to me sealed my feelings of the community we fell into when we bought the home we currently live in.  The friends we were making were true friends and I know we would be able to reciprocate whenever needed for them as well.

Our girls transitioned better than we could have ever hoped.  How did that happen after their sharing that they were upset to leave the only home they ever knew?  It was finding out there are children in our new neighborhood their age that attend the school they would be attending.  We moved in July which was part of my plan to be settled before the new school year would start. On the day we were moving in three girls dressed up as princesses ages 7 and 5 were all we needed to know that this was going to be good!  The friendships have only blossomed from there both for our girls and for us.

Our new community extends to the school community as well.  Me being nervous believe it or not as the new mom to a community at a new school.  I found the parents very open and helpful making my transition easier than I had expected.  Of course now I’m fully ALL the way in too LOL!  And our girls found new friends to help them put roots into their school community as well.  We joined girl scout troops, they play soccer in the local area league and now we live closer to their ballet school and some of the other activities they were already involved in.

It was a leap of faith moving ourselves but it was a leap that has paid us back over and over again.  It has only been a year and 4 months but I cannot believe our fortune in finding ourselves within this new community and the friends we have made that feel like we’ve known each other for much longer than we have.  For that I am thankful!

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9 thoughts on “Community is what you make it

  1. We recently made a big move too, going 4000+ miles from DC to our new home in Oregon. ( And, thankfully, the kids also took to the move rather well. Part of it I’d like to attribute to my wife’s preparation, part is just because they’re amazing.

    But community has been a huge part of getting settled. So glad to land around friends who are eager to help.

  2. Good for you. I’m terrified to move – I love our neighborhood and our house, but once in a while we discuss doing something different and I get totally overwhelmed by it. But I’m glad it’s worked well for you!

  3. Love this post, Lisa. We’re moving later this year and I’m having similar anxieties as what you described. We’re excited and nervous all at the same time. Glad it all worked out for you and your family!

  4. Agreed, community is definitely what and where you make it and I have also found that when you greet things with an open heart and good expectations, those things are returned to you 10 fold

    Found you via #NaBloPoMo btw 😉

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