adoption in the world these days …

I’ve begun to notice that the media mostly television and movies seem to have become interested in story lines about adoption whether they are “reality” shows or story lines in a drama or comedy.

I wonder if I’m noticing this sooo much because my family was created through adoption or if it is true that adoption is going mainstream?

First it was the movies with Juno, The Martian Kid and a few others, then it was story lines on Brothers & Sisters, Private Practice and then reality shows like True Life Stories on MTV, Teen Mom also on MTV and Find My Family.

I wonder if the trend is because adoption is no longer secretive, that those wanting family are a bit older and have the strong need to parent even when their bodies fail them? I’ve also seen discussion on some of the list serves I am on where others are noticing more story lines on TV. There are the celebrity adoptions that make headlines and then there is the everyday family who want to be parents and decide to adopt.

I do think there needs to be some outlet for people to learn about adoption and the myriad types … I especially think that openness in adoption and the lifelong relationships it represents should also be exposed through media. Yes there is always the bad things represented on shows like Dr. Phil, etc. but where are the good heartwarming stories about the lives that came together in the interest of a child and they all became a family?

We don’t wear our status of being a family formed by open domestic adoption to the outside world as our girls resemble us in some karmic way and so do their birth mothers… our family and close friends know how we became parents and for now that’s all who needs to know. Our girls are getting to the ages when they will decide who to tell and when they want to share their stories. It is not our story to tell any longer.

I hope the new interest in adoption and the media depictions will help those considering adoption feel that it is not the myth it is thought to be and that a family made by adoption is a family that started just a little bit differently!


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