it happens when you least expect it

family rules

Please read this sign, we have one just like it hung on the wall in our kitchen.  It is this sign that we see every day but maybe we don’t read every day or so I thought.

Yesterday was a school holiday and both of our girls were off from school. On top of that my husband was home sick so the four of us had a day together.

It was while having lunch together that it came up, my eight year old daughter asked to try my lunch.  A little back story is that she is somewhat of a picky eater. She eats well, but only the things she knows and likes.  So here she was asking to try my lunch and I asked her what brought about that idea and she pointed to the sign and said “It says try new things.”

So there it was she did read and want to follow what the Family Rules say.  So my lunch was Vegetable Pad Thai a meal I pick up at Trader Joe’s for myself from time to time and have never had to share.  I gave her a forkful to try, and she liked it! Not to be outdone, her younger sister told us it was her duty to try new things too! and she wanted to try my lunch as well! and she liked it too!  Although I didn’t ever think I would be sharing a meal like this, I am happy that they each took a chance and tried something new and by trying it they found another food they like and will continue to eat!

It was just an ordinary Tuesday when it happened and we least expected it!  Hoping this is part of a new trend and that each of our girls will continue to read and understand the many different statements in the sign in our home of Family Rules!

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