Fridays shouldn’t be this hard!

I am always hopeful that my day will start with ease and continue as such. I especially hope that on Fridays after all it’s the last day of the work and school week for my family where the weekend begins!


But this day is not always easy.  Today (I rant) it’s not been easy at all!  My girls, however, were up and ready with ease which for a Friday morning is a bonus.  On the other side of things it’s not going with ease, No it’s that #YAHOOmail is down for a second day and this is my main email host, we are four months out from the biggest fundraising event for our elementary school and I am the chair.  Tell me why I agreed to chair? I know we have time I know it will get done, but today it feels like maybe not.

Insomnia had me awake in my bed from 2-4 AM, yes I tried I really tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t.  My brain wouldn’t turn off for all the things I knew I would try to do on this Friday, yes today.

I feel a sense of urgency with everything I need to do today but obstacles are not allowing me to accomplish these tasks.  Relax and breathe that is my mantra this morning.  Yes morning it is still only 9:50 A.M. as I write this rant!

Hoping my day finds a better path as it moves forward, I know that I have an evening with girl friends to look forward to so all will not be lost by that time of the day!

Relax and breathe that is my mantra … Friday shouldn’t be this hard!

This is my 7th post for BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo, here is a link where you can find other bloggers during this National Blog Posting Month, Enjoy!


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