BlogHer take me away


This morning I woke up and saw no one had packed for me, I didn’t lose the 20 pounds I wanted to before the conference and my girls are not getting along this morning already #BlogHer take me away!

This will be my first blogging conference and my first BlogHer conference!

Feeling excited, nervous, nervous and excited this morning with just hours to go before I head by car to the conference and my hotel. “Do you know the way to San Jose”?

Excited to hear about blogging as a business, excited to be making new friends and meeting in-person for the first time some of my virtual friends I’ve met through blogging!

At the same time, this will be my first “business” trip away from my family and am feeling a bit blue to be leaving. But then again with my girls already arguing this morning maybe I won’t miss them too terribly.

Here’s to 2 days of learning and meeting others! BlogHer14 take me away!


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