Game of boards …

Any visitor to our home beware you will be asked to play games lots of games, board games, card games, dice games and much much more when you enter!

board games

Our girls love to play games and if you are visiting they will rope you into one of the many games they like to play.  It might be as soon as you arrive, before dinner, after dinner, first thing in the morning, well anytime!  It is great to see them enjoy the visits with family and friends and enjoy their time shared playing any one of their favorites.

You can be visiting for a few hours or a few days and you will be taking part in the marathon of game playing.  You will hear laughter and shouts during the heat of a game.  It is during these times I see the building of relationships our girls are making with their family and friends. The sharing and following of rules guiding them through the time together. Games in our house are played at a very competitive level 😉

I can remember back when our oldest was a pre-schooler and would alter the rules to fit her needs so she could win.  She does now at 8 years old play within the rules, but if she could get away with a blurred line she will!

So if you dare to enter be at the ready for the Game of Boards!

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