My morning routine

It’s so funny, after having nothing to post about yesterday, I found myself interested in a post my friend Phyllis of Napkin Hoarder wrote about her morning routine. She noted a recent article published by Forbes magazine on The Morning Routine of 12 Women Leaders.  I loved Phyllis’s point of view from an “average women’s morning”.  I realize I fit the bill of the average woman and so today I am chiming in with mine as it made me look at what our routine is or isn’t.


5:00 AM   My husband’s alarm goes off and our 1-year-old dog hears it too. After at least one snooze bar both the dog and my husband are up. He to feed the puppy her first cup of food and to get ready for work. Somewhere in that time after awakening to the hustle I fall back asleep.

6:15 AM   The alarm on my iPhone rings.  I hit snooze at least twice AND my husband calls at 6:30 AM from his desk at work to make sure I’m up.

6:33 AM   Rise & shine its time to get up, push the button for my cup of coffee made on my Keurig and I have time for one sip before I shuffle down the hallway to wake my girls for school, singing, dancing and even blaring the stereo for an early morning dance party!  Whatever it takes to get them up and out of bed!

6:45 AM   Both of my girls are up and shuffling to the table for some breakfast.  They sit where the table is already set with the array of cereals they like and milk,  bowls and spoons at the ready.

7:05 AM   WHAT, WHAT? How did it get so late, okay girls finish up it’s time to dress! This is when I start to prep their lunch boxes for the day based on what they “ordered”.

7:06 AM   Don’t forget to brush your teeth and your hair, girls!

7:15 AM   Time for me to dress, teeth brushed, hair fluffed, GIRLS, GIRLS are you dressed? Did you brush your teeth? your hair?  You know it’s colder out, please dress in warmer clothes!  Did you?

7:25 AM   Girls 5 minutes, we have 5 minutes, do you have your backpacks? is your homework in them? shoes? do you have your shoes on?  Are your teeth brushed? Ok Pepper, Pepper time to go in your crate, no Pepper it’s not play time, Let’s go Pepper!

7:33 AM   We are in the car, my girls comment we are on time, and yes we are this morning, we will not be in the line of cars trying to drop off their students, we’ll be able to park and walk to their classrooms to drop off their backpacks before they line up on the playground in their classroom lines.

7:45 AM   The bell rings, kissing each of my girls in their line I watch them walk along with their classes to their rooms.

Now is when I come off the clock!  You will either find me chatting along with the other parents lingering in the morning or see me heading off to one of my daughter’s classroom for my day to help.  Other times I’m off as soon as I can to start my day.

Once home, it’s computer time, social media, check, feed the dogs, take a look at what I have for myself for the day and plan accordingly!

Also inspired by Phyllis, my blogging buddies Kimberley of Red Shutters and Danielle of Another Version of Mother have shared their view of a morning routine.

What’s your morning routine like?

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