A time of honor and remembrance …

A Time of Honor and Remembrance
It is no small thing to give life.
To feel the kick of tiny feet.
To know that no matter how far apart you are,
there will always be someone out there
with whom you are connected.
To be a mother is to love,
to nurture,
to care.
To be a mother means to give your children the chance to be.
Birthmothers hold a very special place in the community of mothers.
On Mother’s Day especially, we deserve to be honored for all we have done for our children.
For the love we will always have for them.
For the place that is theirs alone in our hearts.
We begin by honoring each other.
~ Brenda Romanchik

This weekend is Mother’s Day and without the two women in our lives I would not be celebrating this day … the decisions they made and choosing us to be parents of their daughter’s has given me the opportunity to be a Mom and I cannot thank them enough …

We see this weekend of Mother’s Day/Birth Mother’s Day as a way to recognize the shared love we have for our children …

I personally do not choose one day over the other to let our daughter’s birth mothers know how much they mean to us …

We celebrate it as Mother’s Day with cards, gifts made by our girls (now almost 7 and 5 years old) and flowers from us sent to them.

We know how blessed we are throughout the year and to have both women and their extended families be part of our families … but we believe showing an extra special recognition on this weekend is important too!