I did it!


Time for my personal pat on the back, I did it!  I excitedly took the BlogHer pledge to write for 30 days for National Blog Posting Month and I have written for 30 days with only one day that I had nothing, The Nothing Post.

It was a challenge I took for myself after attending the BlogHer conference this summer.  I felt if I was to be a blogger I needed to participate.

I have taken on different topics each day, different then how I originally started with this blog.  I didn’t just write about adoption or menopause.  I wrote about things that happen in my life and I liked it!

I am happy with myself for participating.  Something else that came from NaBloPoMo, I found other bloggers and read their blogs and ones I will continue to follow.

So happy 30th post to me! to read the many other bloggers participating, click #NaBloPoMo,  and enjoy everyone’s final post!


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