A Happy Thanksgiving to one and all


We are enjoying our day at home together, just the four of us.  This is the first year it’s just us.  After planning to travel down South and then not being able to go, we didn’t extend any invitations for friends to spend Thanksgiving with us which has been an annual tradition since my husband and I started dating.s We have always spent this holiday among friends, like us who lived far from family.  We would potluck the dinner some years traveling to the snow in Tahoe, or gathering at a friends’ home and eventually we hosted in our home.

This is likely the most relaxed holiday we have spent together in a long time. Last year we had a dog recuperating from major surgery and my mother was visiting.  This year we didn’t need to extra clean the house, we weren’t travelling, and we are having fun playing board games as we take breaks to do the finishing of the meal prep for dinner later.


I am forever thankful for these girls and my husband and all their funny faces!

This evening our girls will get their first visit from our Elf On the Shelf, Earl which should make for an early rising in the morning tomorrow!

We are thankful for our family and friends near and far and hoping everyone is enjoying this day together in whichever way they chose!

This is my 27th post for National Blog Posting Month, click #NaBloPoMo to read the many other bloggers participating, Enjoy!


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