the family joke

What you say is our family joke?  Well it’s a bit about me and what happens when I eat.  It is said that no meal is complete until I spill something on myself.  And it’s soooo true!

I am a food magnet whether liquid or dry.  Somehow someway every dinner meal a piece of something finds it way onto the front of my shirt.


Maybe it’s the fact that I enjoy my food that it finds its way into my mouth and onto my clothes.  Maybe I’m so involved in eating that I’m not getting into my mouth?  Or I’m so excited to be eating that I am not paying attention?

I love the sprayers and cleaners that can pre-treat clothes before they are washed.  They are my life saver!

Just to be clear, I am not the only food spiller although I do it the most often, as my family says a meal is not complete unless I’m wearing part of it!

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